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A few of my favourite finds which came in really useful when caring for mum. Give them a try!

Not sponsored, I'm simply spreading the love!

Nilaqua Shampoo

Washing mum's hair was never easy. Low mobility and water sensitivity meant showers were an absolute no-go. Nilaqua allowed me to wash mums hair without water or rinsing (seriously, it was a life saver!).

Jelly Drops

These are a tad pricey, but for times when mum wasn't in a 'stay hydrated' mood, they came in useful and really boosted her water intake. Plus, she thought they were delicious!

Flawless Shaver

Yep, the dreaded facial hair saga. Anything which caused pain such as tweezing/waxing was not an option, and creams like Veet agitated her. This tool is pain free and mum could even do it alone!

Dementia Clock

I'm not entirely sure if mum appreciated this, but it's so good I had to share. An easy to understand display which is made with memory loss in mind. Whilst mum never looked at it, I'm sure others will!

Shampoo Cap

In case I haven't made it clear enough, washing mum's hair was one of the most stressful experiences. If Nilaqua doesn't work for you, these caps are similar but not as messy!

Magnetic Sketcher

I put off buying this for so long and really wish I didn't. I didn't want to patronise mum and originally thought it was too child-like. Seriously, she loved it! It helped us to communicate, too.

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